4 08, 2018

2nd of August is our reminder that we are a liberated people but importantly it is our reminder that we are still an occupied people

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Today, as we freely move around the Republic of Macedonia, a person cannot help but have a sense that there used to be so much more than what is there today, a place more beautiful and historic than what there is now. A place that people once willingly gave their lives to defend and a [...]

31 07, 2018

WMC-A Advancing The Macedonian Cause

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World Macedonian Congress – Australia ushered in the Macedonian National Holiday period - Ilinden with 2 fantastic community events this month. A community-based ball in Sydney on the 21st of July and the annual celebratory Ilinden ball in Melbourne on the 28th of July. In Sydney, Craig Kelly MP together with Professor Frank Zumbo were [...]

23 07, 2018

Modern Greeks – “Greece is an Ethnically Homogeneous Nation”

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To this day there are some Greeks who believe in the myth that they are an ethnically pure race. To Macedonians, it is irrelevant what Greeks believe in as long as they don’t interfere in Macedonian affairs. Unfortunately, Greece’s self-portrayal as an “ethnically homogeneous State” is not only interfering with Macedonians, it is downright hostile [...]

21 07, 2018


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The World Macedonian Congress - Australia in association with its' Branch, Assembly of Australian Macedonian Congress of NSW & ACT present: 'MACEDONIAN NIGHT' - Preserving our dignity and Identity, our heritage is our future! When: Saturday, 21 July 2018, starting at 6pm 'til late Where: Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre - 468 West Botany Street Rockdale [...]

18 07, 2018

VMRO – A Simplified Historiography!

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By D. Casement - The Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation (VMRO) was a Macedonian paramilitary active in the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries. VMRO was founded by a group of intellectuals in the Macedonian capital of Solun in 1893, with the goal of achieving autonomy for Macedonia. The establishment of the VMRO [...]

13 07, 2018

WMC-A Renovating Bitola Hospital – Children’s Ward

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The World Macedonian Congress - Australia (WMC-A) is an international, non-governmental, non-party affiliated, not for profit organisation and a Diplomatic Arm of the Macedonian people from all parts of Macedonia and throughout the world. World Macedonian Congress - Australia liaises and assists with all Macedonians interests, and one of these is in improving the conditions [...]

10 07, 2018

Macedonian Name for the Macedonians Only

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By J.S.G. Gandeto - Greeks have nothing to do with the name "Macedonia". As a matter of fact, until the late nineteen eighties in Greece, the name "Macedonia" or "Macedonians" was avoided like the plague; To the Greeks, Macedonia did not exist. There was no Macedonia and there were no Macedonians. They felt that the [...]

3 07, 2018


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Пишува Тодор ПЕТРОВ - Заев вели Спогодбата со Грција ни го зајакнува идентитетот: Во графата за националност ќе пишувало Macedonian/citizen of Republic of North Macedonia! Па и сега во ООН во графата националност ни стои само Macedonian. Во сите биометриски лични исправи (лични карти, пасоши, возачки дозволи...) на сите независно од етничкото потекло, во графата [...]

29 06, 2018

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop turns on Psychic Powers

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World Macedonian Congress - Australia (WMC-A) strongly condemns Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's recent media release dated 14 June 2018, titled “Republic of North Macedonia“, congratulating Greece and Macedonia on signing the 'Prespa Agreement' to change Republic of Macedonia's name. The WMC-A would like to bring to Honorable Julie Bishop's attention, the Agreement was actually signed [...]

27 06, 2018


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Пишува Тодор ПЕТРОВ -  Ја паметиме Тројанската војна која траела десет години, некаде меѓу 13 век п.н.е. до 12 век п.н.е. поради грабнувањето на Елена, сопруга на спартанскиот крал Менелај, брат на микенскиот крал Агамемнон, во која бил вљубен тројанскиот принц Парис, син на тројанскиот крал Пријам и неговата втора жена Хекаба. Данајците ја уништиле [...]

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